A slender, tight body is the dream of every woman. All woman pay attention to the beauty and harmony of their waist, hips, legs, but the least attention is paid to the arms. Meanwhile, the flabbiness of the skin of the arms gives out the true age of the woman, does not allow to feel confident and to wear sleeveless clothes.

The tight skin of arms, beautiful relief muscles of the forearm and triceps zone will be the subject of your pride. You can achieve the desired results only with the help of a well-chosen scheme of physical exercises, which can be easily done at home. Systematic performance of exercises will allow you to look faultlessly, to wear your favorite clothes and to feel your confidence in any situation!

Some women prefer to train in fitness clubs. Today, exercises for the arms can be performed at home, without the participation of professional trainers. Look through the following 7 exercises that can help you get rid of your flabby arms: Aerocross (do it for sixty seconds), Aerolean Push-Up (do it for sixty seconds on each arm), Wrist Rotation (do it for sixty seconds), Floor Pull-Up (repeat for sixty seconds), One-Arm Triceps Dip (repeat for sixty seconds on each arm), Weighted Punch (repeat for sixty seconds), The Aerobox (repeat for sixty seconds).

Floor Pull-Up

One-Arm Triceps Dip

Biceps Curls

Triceps extension

Overhead Shoulder Press

You will see the results even after the first workout. You will notice that your arms become more elastic. You should do this complex two-three times a week, eventually increasing the weight of dumbbells, and you will get rid of flabby arms forever.

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