The Chinese can tell people’s fortunes by looking at their moles (location, color, shape). There are two types of moles: exposed and hidden. On the human face, the moles that are in plain sight are the exposed variety, while the ones ensconced by the eyebrows, beard or hair are of the hidden variety. Generally, hidden moles are considered auspicious, while the obvious moles are considered inauspicious.

The color of the moles should be bright red or dark black, and they should be round and raised to be considered auspicious. The red ones should be exposed, while the dark black ones should be hidden to maximize the person’s fortune. If the mole has a yellowish, brown, gray or mixed color, it can be considered inauspicious.

A mole with hair is a sign of riches and good education.

Let’s also take a look at what the moles found on different parts of the face mean in the Chinese tradition.

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Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

1. On the top of the head

Lifelong good luck, envied by others, ability to turn bad luck into good luck.

2. On the forehead

Moderate luck, patchy relationship with relatives, high chance of leaving your hometown, reduced support from superiors and elders, a hard life. Positioned at the center of the forehead, it hints to mental maturity, plenty of material possessions, peaceful and blissful old age. In women, it shows luck in acquiring wealth and setbacks in romantic relations.

3. On the cheek

A possible lawsuit, optimistic and highly self-sufficient nature, ability to go along with others, tends to ignore what others think, needs to watch how to relate to others. If the mole is of the bad type, it hints to being disliked by others.

4. On the chin

If the mole is gray or badly shaped, it hints to instability in life and lack of a stable residence, frequent job or address changes. After middle age, frustration and worries about children’s problems. A good type mole will suggest a stable life, good luck, a big family in old age.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

5. Between the eyebrows

A good mole here suggests an exceptional career in the future and a propensity for misfortune caused by negligence. A dark bad mole hints to serious emotional or couples’ problems around the age of 28.

6. On the eyebrow

Highly auspicious, good luck in wealth, longevity, help from others. The person is usually serious, responsible, kind, extroverted, with a talent for show business. The bad mole variety hints to little assistance from relatives.

7. On the upper eyelid

A thirst for freedom, no fixed residence, a lot of address changes, capacity to use opportunities to their fullest and to turn bad luck into good luck. If the mole is bad, it hints to resisting authority and to a loss of developmental opportunities.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

8. On the lower eyelid

Setbacks in romantic relationships caused by the presence of a third party, worries and stress caused by the problem children, couple problems, possibility of divorce. A good mole hints to many offspring.

9. On the outer corner of the eye

A lot of charm and lifelong good luck with the opposite sex, mixed results for the first relationship. If the mole is black and bright, the good type, it hints to career help from the opposite sex. Women will attract men of all sorts for no apparent reason.

10. On the side of the nose

A frivolous personality, lack of mental focus, problematic career development, appearance of trustworthiness, tendency to squander gains. A very good mole suggests a successful career and high adaptability. After middle age, better luck, peace and happiness.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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11. On the tip of the nose

High financial gains. If the mole is black and raised, wealth is coming soon. A mole on the lower part of the nose tip suggests multiple partner changes caused by lust, bad luck with wealth. A mole on the side of the nose shows financial loss.

12. Above the mouth

Possibility to give birth to twins, poor adaptability, tendency to get bogged down in life. In women, if the mole is in the channel above the mouth, it suggests birth problems. If the mole is of the good type, it suggests extremely good luck with remuneration, plentiful food and clothing, an abundant spiritual life.

13. Below the mouth

Lifelong drifting from one place to another, refrain from buying property even if rich. A good type mole suggests a comfortable life. If the mole is centered in the space below the mouth, it hints to weak will, thoughtfulness and decisiveness.

14. On the upper lip

Sentimental, considerate, very attractive, good hosts, likelihood of good salary, frequent treats from others, tendency to overeat.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

15. On the lower lip

Family-oriented, good cook, probably a foodie, likely busy life, very popular with the opposite sex and open to enter a polyamorous relationship.

16. On the ear

Good fortune, talented, quick-witted, blessed, able to seize good luck, easy success, high personal wealth in the future. If the mole is of the bad type, it hints to strong self-awareness and bad luck because of a wayward personality.

17. Behind the ear

On the upper part of the ear, it suggests a bad relationship with parents. In the middle, it suggests others will take advantage of the person. On the lower part, it hints to bad luck with gathering wealth.

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