We all fall in love sooner or later and this is one of the most exciting feelings we could ever experience. Although it may be very scary, since no one wants to have their heart broken. Sometimes people are so blinded with love that they stop thinking objectively and romanticize everything. That’s why we want to know if the person we date loves us back and shares same feelings. But is there any way to know for sure if your partner actually loves you? We’ve prepared a list of 23 little signs that can help you find out the truth:

#1 When they spend time with you, try to notice if they act the same way they do around their friends. If the answer is yes, it’s already the first sign.

#2 They would try really hard to make you happier. They bring you something tasty or help you when you are sick by buying medicine or walking your dog. They do these pleasant things without even considering it to be difficult or inconvenient.

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Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#3 They text you on one excuse or another, wonder how you are doing throughout the day, want to talk to you more often.

#4 They are completely fine with you calling late at night, even if nothing terrible happened and you want just to talk to them. They are glad to hear your voice and always answer you.

#5 They miss you and want to see you more often. They text and call you, reminding that they are there for you, and still they do not overstep any boundaries or bombard you with messages.

#6 They keep in mind little random things about you, which is very cute by the way. They listen to you very attentively and notice if you’ve changed your hairstyle or just bought a new sweater.

#7 They give you unexpected gifts for no reason, buy cute stuff, bring your favorite flowers. They want to see you smile and do everything to make you feel happy and loved.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#8 When you have a bad mood or simply want to stay alone for some time, they respect your personal space. Even if you’ve had an argument, they would give you some time to cool down before making the first step to apologize.

#9 They sincerely apologize to you, if they have done something wrong or upset you anyhow. Their apologies are always honest, and they do care about your relationship.

#10 When they want to steal a fry or two off your plate, they always ask you about it, but if you steal one off theirs, they never mind.

#11 They are not selfish and always compromise to keep your relationship. If there are any misunderstandings between you two, they work hard to see if there is any opportunity to meet halfway. They try to find a happy medium, so that both of you could be happy.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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#12 They help you with chores, so that you wouldn’t do things you hate. They always try to please you, no matter how hard it may be for them. They would tidy up the whole house and do all the dishes just for you to feel good.

#13 Your opinion is very important to them and they respect it, even if it is entirely different from theirs. They don’t try to convince you that it's they who are right and not you.

#14 If you have some obsessions they find strange or simply do not share, they never judge you. They always try to understand you, as long as it’s not stalking or some other filthy stuff.

#15 Your comfort is the priority for them and they would make efforts to satisfy you.

#16 They remember all the inside jokes, share glances with you that nobody else notices and trust you with their secrets. You are one of the closest people to them.

#17 They are not afraid to kiss you in public and post pictures with you on Instagram or Facebook. They do not hide the fact that you two are dating, when somebody asks.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#18 They are never greedy and would share the last bite of something tasty with you. No matter how hungry they may be, they will share every piece of food with you.

#19 It’s not that they never ask anything from you, but most of the time they’re readier to do anything for you. They want you to feel that they can take care of your problems, and that they truly want to.

#20 Even if you say that your birthday is not a big deal and you don’t want any gifts, they would never leave you without a present. It’s so exciting for them to surprise you.

#21 They will listen to all your stories about your family and your issues with friends, and most importantly they would try to give you the right advice. They will share their honest opinion, so that you could make everything right.

#22 If they are in some bad situation or have lots on their plates, they wouldn’t burden you to take care of their problems. Although, they trust you enough to let you know what’s going on, since they want to show that your opinion matters to them.

#23 They say that they love you and are never afraid to do it. They say it not only with words, but also with their actions. It’s not simple for them to say it out loud, since they actually care, and it always sounds sincere and honest.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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