Victoria's Secret is an American brand of lingerie and clothing for women. Almost every woman knows Victoria's Secret lingerie and swimwear famous collections. The main task of this brand is to develop self-confidence, courage and increased self-esteem of all women.

Lingerie for a gentle and fragile half of humanity combine sexuality and comfort, American ambition and European refinement, which together give birth to a very unique style. The woman for whom this lingerie is created is beautiful, free, liberated and modern.

The first store was opened in 1977. Victoria’s Secret underwear became a huge success, in many respects due to the created atmosphere in the shopping hall - a chic interior and furnishings had a comfortable and easy choice of the most suitable and fine things.

Every year this brand creates fashion shows all over the world and all women are looking forward to seeing them. This year is not an exception. The show took place in Paris on November 30. We can see a lot of beautiful and famous models walking there in Victoria's Secret lingerie.

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Despite the fact that we see only slender and beautiful women on the catwalk and photos of this brand, there are many women with non-standard figures who also want to wear beautiful underwear and look sexy and attractive for their men.

Tabria Majors is an American plus-size model. She became famous all over the world for her photos in Victoria's Secret lingerie, which she posted to the Internet. This woman proved that all women in the world can be sexy and beautiful despite being overweight.

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Women should stop thinking that only the world's standards of beauty are correct and attractive. She laid the foundation to the show in Paris, where ordinary women, who are not professional models and do not even have the appearance of fashion models, decided to recreate the show of the Victoria's Secret underwear brand, which took place on November 30 in Paris.

It is noteworthy that within just five days the video was watched by about two million people. By this show, women wanted to demonstrate different types of physique and inspire those ladies who do not have model parameters. They showed that female body can be attractive in any weight.

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