We should say at once that without effort, it will not be possible to achieve the goal. To get an "iron" press, you have to sweat. In the literal and figurative sense of the word. The speed of obtaining the result will depend directly on the intensity of the training. The more you practice and the longer each session, the faster the result will be achieved.

After 1-2 weeks, you should not expect noticeable changes, as muscles grow quite slowly. But after a couple of months of systematic training, you can boast pumped cubes.

Remember about several pitfalls of exercises on the press:

the muscle fibers of the press very quickly adapt to the load, so you need to constantly increase the load without going over, however, the edge of overtraining. Once a month, you need to change the set of exercises;

Without anaerobic exercises, it is unlikely to achieve "convex" cubes;

when doing exercises on the upper press many beginners, and experienced athletes make the mistake of starting to use the lumbar muscle. This is fraught with serious injuries of the spine.

Do not forget about proper nutrition: what do pumped cubes mean if they are hidden by a layer of fat? Rational nutrition is always useful, and especially when you need to bring yourself into an ideal shape.

In addition to controlling weight, aerobic loads are also important. Beautiful cubes are wonderful, but it will be better if they look harmoniously on the athlete's pumped-up body, and not stand out among the flabby muscles.

Now check out 6 moves that can help women get 6-pack abs.

#1 Leg Raise

#2 Triangle Crunch

#3 Bicycle Crunches

#4 Futter Kicks

#5 Inverted V Plank

#6 Crunches Knee Up

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