We know about the problems that prevented you from achieving the desired results.

You tried almost all existing diets, but none of them helped or helped until the first normal dinner.

You managed to lose weight, but weight always came back.

You tried to maintain proper nutrition, but all the time you broke down.

You thought to start playing sports, but did not know where to start.

You went to the gym, but you could not train alone.

You tried to deal with the coach, but you did not have a common schedule.

You skipped training.

You did not have enough motivation and each time laziness won.

You tried to eat right, but no one supported you.

Close people did not understand your aspirations.

You did not have enough free time for the gym.

Proper nutrition consumed too much energy and money.

Each attempt to lose weight ended in frustration and anxiety.

You almost did not eat anything, but the weight still stood still.

Exhaustive hours of training did not work.

You could not even perform the simplest workout.

You always felt tired and apathetic.

The services of the coach and the gym membership were too expensive.

Daily business prevented you from doing yourself.

All the information you received contradicted each other ..

We have analyzed all these problems and developed a program that could help them cope. For each item we have the answer.

Сheck out the exercise that can help you to lose excessive weight, if you do them during 30 days. ARe you ready to take a challenge?

So, what is needed in order to make the ideal body of your dreams:

Perseverance in achieving results. Do not give up after a week of training - to achieve a slender waistline or elastic buttocks in such a short period is impossible, but after a while the effect will undoubtedly please you;

Regularity of training. Home exercises for women are designed in such a way that their implementation does not take much time (from 10 to 30 minutes per day), but spontaneous trainings from case to case will not achieve the desired results. It is necessary to engage constantly, without missing a single day (until the desired weight is achieved, then the number of sessions can be reduced to 2-3 times a week to fix the result);

#1 Straight Leg Raise

#2 Triangle Crunch

#3 Inverted V Plank

#4 Side Plank

#5 Crunches Knees Up

#6 Bicycle Crunches

Proper nutrition. Home fitness, exercise and regular training is, of course, an important, but not the only, component of a successful fight against the shortcomings of the figure. Without a properly balanced diet, any gymnastics will be a waste of time and energy, so we will pay special attention to the proper dietary nutrition.