Today, we would like to present you with a 14-day butt lifting workout. Our workout is designed for women who want to lift, firm and sculpt their buttocks. It consists of 3 moves that will target every area of your butt.

Here are some tips that can help you achieve a super cool buttocks!

#1. If you are looking for amazing results, defining your workout goals can be as important as the workout itself.

#2. You need to stick to a proper diet. Try to eat well-balanced meals that are full of fruits and vegetables, protein and a few complex carbs.

#3. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

#4. Create a workout plan.

#5. Do not worry about the timing because good things always take time.

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Exercise Guide

#1. Hip Thrust

Credit: BetterMe

#2. Curtsy Reverse Lunge

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

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#3. Step-up Lunges

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Well, now is the time to introduce you to your workout schedule!

Week 1

Day 1 – 15 reps of each (3x)

Day 2 – 20 reps of each (3x)

Day3 – rest day

Day4 – 15 reps of each (4x)

Day 5 – 25 reps of each (3x)

Day 6 – rest day

Day 7 – rest day

Week 2

Day 8 – 25 reps of each (4x)

Day 9 – rest day

Day 10 – 30 reps of each (4x)

Day 11 – rest day

Day 12 – 30 reps of each (4x)

Day 13 – rest day

Day 14 – 40 reps of each (4x)

By following this 14-day butt lifting workout, you will see great results. At the end of this workout plan, your buttocks will be lifted, firmer and sculpted. Good luck!

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