A beautiful and fit body always attracts attention. However, many people find it hard to force themselves to exercise on a regular basis to get good results. Lack of time is a plague of the modern world. You want to lose weight and to strengthen your body, but there is no place for an hour visit to the gym in your schedule. You have only a few minutes and the task seems impossible. Luckily for you, you do not need to sweat daily at the gym or to buy expensive equipment to get yourself in shape quickly. Researchers from the American College of Sports Medicine said that it is possible to make a perfect figure with just 7 minutes of fitness a day. The specialists created a program that consists of 12 exercises, each of which should be performed every day for 30-60 seconds.

This workout consists of the following exercises: Jumping Jacks, Wall Sit, Push-Up, Abdominal Crunch, Step-Up onto Chair, Squat, Triceps Dip on Chair, Plank, High Knees Running in Place, Lunge, Push-Up and Rotation and Side Plank. Perform each exercise for about thirty seconds, then take a ten-second pause and try the next one. Do not skip exercises, you should hold the turn. According to experts, just 2 weeks of this workout can improve the body condition, as well as 6-8 weeks of endurance training. These exercises are especially important during the holiday period, when you want to rest, not to spend much time at the gym, but still stay in good shape.

Jumping Jacks

Abdominal Crunch

Step-Up onto Chai

Triceps Dip on Chair


Side Plank

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