Sexy buttocks and trimmed hips are necessary and quite sufficient condition to feel one hundred percent even in the most frank bikini. To achieve the desired effect will help variations on the topic of squats, the coach explains.

Standards of female beauty are constantly changing, and now, in place of painfully thin mannequins came sports beauties with round, elastic buttocks. Striving to be like seductive fitness models, many girls are looking for ways to remove excess fat from the buttocks, give them elasticity and increase their volume. For these purposes, you can perform effective exercises for the buttocks at home, especially if you can not attend the gym.

Gluteal muscles are involved in almost all the usual daily movements, so in order to achieve their hypertrophy, make them work, you need special exercises and a good load. Of course, it would be more correct and effective to do this in the gym, where there are dumbbells, a bar and power trainers - the best friends of the elastic buttocks. This is especially true for those girls who want to increase them and make them more round.

Nevertheless, there is nothing impossible for a person who has identified his goal, so it's quite possible to pump the ass at home. The main principle is not to spare yourself, to perform so many repetitions and approaches, so that the buttocks burn. Since home training will not give maximum fatigue and muscle training, you can do exercises at home every other day. If, in addition to strengthening the muscles in front of the girl is the task of reducing fat tissue, training should alternate with jogging or other types of aerobic exercise.

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#1 Glute Bridge

#2 Basik Squat

#3 Squat Jacks

#4 Frog Jump

#5 Jumping Jacks

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