Weight loss in volumes is the most important goal for women on a diet, because it is for this reason that they limit themselves in nutrition and often load themselves with heavy physical exercises.

Of course, to lose weight in volume over a week, you need to make a lot of effort, because only diet will not do - you need a set of exercises for the hips, buttocks and waist. Before any training begins, a warm-up is necessary, it’s best if it is vigorous jogging or jumping rope for 15 minutes.

The same goes for when you need to lose weight in the span of 2 weeks: by limiting yourself nutritionally, you are unlikely to achieve significant changes, so exercise is crucial.

We suggest you try out the following workout routine and follow it for 14 days. It might be difficult, since it requires great motivation. However, you will be impressed and satisfied with the results. The workout we are about to introduce you to is extremely relevant, especially after the holidays.

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#1 Straight Leg Raise

#2 Triangle crunch

#3 Amazing Inverted V Plank

#4 Basic Squat With Side Leg Lift

#5 Plank Leg Raises

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