Today, we want to tell you about a very talented person. His name is Elliot Joseph Rentz, Aka Alexis Stone, and he is a great makeup artist.

The Manchester-based, Brighton-born artist has the ability to transform into any celebrity. When you look at his work, it is hard to believe that this is not a real celebrity. Alexis revealed a little secret about his transformations, “To achieve the transformations to the level I do, I use as much makeup as possible”.

Alexis Stone became popular due to his Instagram account and YouTube channel. He always documents his new celebrity looks on Instagram (photos and videos). Stone said that it usually takes him 40 to 50 minutes to complete a look. It’s unbelievable, right?

He easily transformed in celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kim Kardashian, and even Queen Elizabeth. He simply combines an artistic inclination with a passion for makeup and gets incredible results! Makeup works wonders and turns this Manchester-based man into the world-famous star!

Scroll down to see the most popular celebrity transformations.

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