Today, we would like to present you with 15-minute firm-butt workout. Our workout will help you grow a nice and strong buttocks. Let’s check it!

This firm-butt workout is designed for women who want to lift, firm and sculpt their buttocks. What’s more, it is a squat booty workout. You will only perform squats exercises. Squats are still popular butt-shaping exercises, because they are highly effective – especially if you combine them with a little-lifting.

Only 15 minutes a day and your dream will come true! Our firm-butt workout includes 6 sets of: 6 Squat Jacks and 6 Regular Squats. You can add more squats to yhis workout if you want. When you select a weight to use for your workout, you need to choose something that allows you to complete the moves with proper form, but is still challenging. It’s supposed to feel heavy – that’s the point! Do not forget to perform these exercises with rest for 45 to 60 seconds.

By performing our 15-minute firm-butt workout, you’ll see how you can increase the weight and really test your strength. Moreover, our workout will help you lose weight and build sexy and strong buttocks!

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#1. Squat Jacks

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#2. Regular Squats

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#3. Chair Squats

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#4. Sumo Squats with Side Kicks

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#5. Exercise Ball Squats

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