Ariko Inaoka is a talented photographer from Japan who loves taking spellbinding pictures. She traveled across Iceland to shoot wonderful landscapes of the country and met six-years old twin girls that came to the photographer's casting session in 2009. The names of these girls are Erna and Hrefna.

Ariko was was so fascinated by their beauty, uniqueness and mystique that she decided that she will go back to Iceland once a year to photograph the twins while they are growing up.

We would like to show you the magnificent snapshots of those twins to immerse you in the fascinating mysterious atmosphere of tenderness.

Erna and Hrefna are tender, active, fun and beautiful girls, who, due to the amazing talent of the photographer, transport you to another reality - the world of fairy tales and dreams.

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Ariko Inaoka was born in Japan, but now she's living in NY. She was traveling around Iceland to photograph incredibly beautiful sceneries, as they reminded her of her hometown.

Ariko was shooting models for the catalog of outfits, when a friend of hers invited the twins to the casting. The girls were six at the time.

When she had finished her work, Arika returned to New York, but she couldn't stop thinking about the twins. She thought that they came to embody the beauty of Iceland's sceneries. Three years later, she returned to Iceland to take photos of them again.

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"I wish I could photograph these girls when they will become teenagers," the photographer said. That's how she created her Twins project.

The main idea was to shoot all the physical and emotional changes which happen to the girls while they grow up. She dreamed to capture this unique connection between twins. That's why she went to Iceland once a year to photograph girls.

Erna and Hrefna are open to each other, they cannot live without each other and they have the same dreams and values. The photographer believes that there is a deep magical connection between them. These girls are different from other people.

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