How often do you hear “Stop watching TV, go for a walk or exercise a little!”. It can be really difficult to find time to exercise due to our busy lifestyles. When you get home from work, you are so tired and you cannot even think about going to the gym. All you want to do is rest and watch some TV. Do you know this feeling, ladies?

The lack of time is a common problem of many women. But don’t be upset, as you still can get in shape. First, you should balance your diet with healthy nutrients such as fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, lean meat, fish, grains and nuts. And second, you should add short home training routines to your life.

If you like watching movies and TV shows, it's time to combine business with pleasure and start getting yourself in shape. We would like to show you five wonderful exercises that you can perform while watching TV. It sounds good, doesn’t it?

This easy workout consists of effective exercises such as bottoms up, triceps dip kicks, bicycles, leg lifts and split squats. These exercises focus on lifting your butt, strengthening your core and arms, and toning your body. In order to get your desired results, you should perform fifteen repetitions of each move and repeat this workout two or three times.

We must remind you, before you start this training routine, you should perform a five-minute warmup in order to prevent injuries and get maximum results. Are you ready to try it? Turn on your favourite TV show and start performing these amazing exercises. You can do it!

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#1. Bottoms up

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#2. Triceps dip kicks

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#3. Bicycles

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#4. Leg lifts

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#5. Split squats

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