Cynthia Bennett and her guy are energetic people who love hiking with their animals. They got a dog Henry in 2014. Bennett was dreaming about getting a golden retriever, but when she first saw Henry at the local shelter, she couldn't resist.

He was very big, despite being only three months. He was actually the biggest of all other pups of his age. Cynthia came closer to see him and he curled up on her knees, flipping his head over her arms. That’s how the girl realized that she was going to adopt Henry.

It turned out that Henry loves hiking too. He was living with Cynthia and her man for a couple of days when they took him on his first hike.

Their Four-legged friend was walking around and found the highest cliff, then he came running up to the top of it to observe the view. And that’s how he got a new nickname “little mountain goat”.

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Several months passed before the couple began thinking about an addition to their family. Cynthia wanted to get a cat and she was looking for almost half a year till she met a Siamese kitten mix.

His name was Baloo. The first meeting of Henry and Baloo went well. The Animals fell in love, when the kitten started playing and snuggling with Henry.

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Cynthia’s dream came true and their big family was ready to go on their first hike together. “I don’t know how we did it, but now Baloo really enjoys hiking. When I pick up Henry’s lead, Baloo begins shouting at the door,” said the girl. “I think Baloo considers herself a dog,” the girl added. The couple called them siblings, but they think Henry treats Baloo like a mom as he is looking for her teets all the time,” shared Bennett.

The couple loves taking photos of their animals together when they hike and some of them become very popular in the internet. This happy family show their life as an example of kindness, sincerity and love.

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