In early 2017, the face of the cosmetic line Maybelline became a man. Decorative cosmetics has crossed the usual boundaries of male and female and turned into an instrument that applies to people of any gender. However, male visagistes still face prejudices in their profession.

We are used to women fighting for their rights to have the freedom of choice in terms of their occupation. However, we forget that men also must decide what really feel like doing. Some men prefer being make up artists and they do succeed.

Check out the list of 7 male makeup artists whose skills are better than a woman’s. Let us know what you think of gender stereotypes in terms of field of occupation, as we are really interested in your opinion.

#1 Tom Peso

The greatest achievement of Tom Peso, in his opinion, is the make-up that he did on Princess Diana for her shooting at the Vanity Fair. It was her last shot.

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#2 Peter Phillips

Initially, Peter Phillips dreamed of becoming a hairstylist, but he became a very talented makeup artist, instead. From 2008 to 2012, he served as creative director for makeup line Chanel. Now Peter Phillips comes up with bold images not only for Chanel's house, but also works closely on fashion shows with the brands Fendi, Dries Van Noten, Alexander McQueen and others.

#3 Dick Page

In the narrow circles of the makeup artist, Dick Page is called a rebel. He always tries not to do it like everyone else does. For example, at a time when the strict rule in makeup was to make only one accent, Paige boldly used several at once. Since 2007, Dick has been the creative director of Shiseido and works on the fashion shows Marc by Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and others.

#4 James Charles

James lives in New York (USA), likes make-up, studies people and different cultures. His motto for life is: "Love yourself first and be open."

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#5 Nick Dragan

Nick loves clothes from democratic brands H & M and Forever 21, considers his role model to be Marilyn Monroe, and listens to Lana Del Ray. Favorite phrase: "Everyone has his Dragon inside. I decided to release mine."

#6 Manny Gutiérrez (MUA)

Manny calls himself a beauty-blogger, struggles for his rights in the world of fashion and beauty, and began practicing makeup when he was 21 years old. His conviction: "I sincerely believe that a man can wear make-up, teach and make video lessons on it."

#7 Zachary Edward

He is famous for his party make up. He prefers wearing nude makeup, which makes his skin look flawless, but at the same time does not show that there are any beauty supplies on his face.

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