Almost every woman who is in serious relationships is interested in the question, "Does he love me?". After all, everyone, even the most independent woman really want to have a man next to him who would simply love her, regardless of her nonsense, mood swings and other shortcomings.

After all, making mistakes, every time, the belief in a happy future becomes ever more vague. So, by what signs can you understand if a man is in love or is he just using you?

Today we want to tell you about 15 signs your man might be using you. Be aware of them and don’t let him decease you.

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Credit: Pixabay

#1 You pay for everything

It is quite normal, if in the early stages of the relationship, everyone pays for themselves during a trip to the restaurant. But if you are constantly paying for a man's expenses, think: maybe he's just a grudge, or does he need only your wallet? Why do you need a man who does not want or can not even take you to a cafe?

#2. He comes only when he needs something from you

And if he does not help, when you need his help, he will definitely use you. If a person does not come to your rescue in trouble, why do you need him?

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Credit: Pixabay

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#3. Financial dependence

In addition, that you pay off during joint visits, you pay and other expenses of the guy. You regret it: they say, he is still without work, and only his parents sometimes give him money. Stop it! All have temporary troubles with employment, but if they drag on for a year, then your boyfriend is a real lazy person and freeloader. Think about whether he can provide you, if you go to the decree.

#4. Spare variant

If you are a spare option for going to a concert and having fun, cross out that guy once and for all. In a serious relationship there can not be any alternate option, and attention is first and foremost paid to a loved one.

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Credit: Pixabay

#5. Emotional blackmail

He always says that it's your fault, that he does not have a job, and all the problems - just because of you, but at the same time continues to meet? It's time to say to such a person: "Good-bye!". You need him only to disrupt your negative emotions.

#6. He does not give gifts

Do you give him gifts, but he never gives you? Of course, in such cases it is worth hinting (or saying with a straightforward text) that you also want to get something to remember. But if he did not give you anything after that, he uses you.

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Credit: Pixabay

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#7. He is not interested in your desires

You go only where you want, and do only what he wants? Are your interests not taken into account? Start to say more often what you want, and if the situation does not change, leave.

#8. He does not think about your feelings

He often does something that upsets or offends you, and does not care what you feel? It is unlikely that this person loves you, because a loving person thinks about the feelings of his second half first.

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Credit: Pixabay

#9. He comes home late at night

Happen work at work and a friendly get-together in the men's company, but they can not happen every day? If your young man tries to spend with you as little time as possible, comes home late, leaves for the weekend, etc., then why do you need it?

#10. He does not take you with him

In the early stages of relationships, you often want to just be alone. However, over time, he should introduce you to his social circle. Of course, the guy can worry that you do not like his friends or relatives, and that you because of this badly think about him. But if you've been dating a long time, and the guy insists that nobody knows about your relationship, beware: he clearly uses you.

#11. You do not build joint plans

People who want to live together usually build joint plans and implement them. If a person does not think about a joint future, then probably he believes that you are not in this future.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#12. You do not interest him

If a guy does not care what you are into, what music you listen to, how you spend time without it, etc., then he is not interested in you. A loving person does not have to share all your interests, but he will always want to know about you as much as possible.

#13. He does not introduce you to his family.

If you are dating a long time, but the guy is not even going to introduce you to the family, he believes that the family does not need to know about his relationship, because he does not see you as a future wife. It is unlikely that such relationships will lead to marriage.

#14. Listen to the stomach

You can not understand yourself: the heart is struggling with one kind of guy, but do you suspect this person of insincerity with the mind? Listen to the stomach. After all, the expression "I'm sick of you" appeared for a reason.

#15. There are no emotions

If your feelings are long gone, but you are still together, think about why this is happening. Maybe you just used to live together and use each other? If everything suits you, there are no questions. Otherwise, try to answer: why are you wasting your life, spending it with an unloved person?

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Credit: Pixabay

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