A romantic relationship is a rather interesting and complicated thing. As a rule, people think that it is rather simple and doesn’t demand any efforts. They think that it’s enough just to find someone special and fall in love with them. However, the reality is completely different from our expectations.

When people fall in love and start building their relationship, it’s important to be patient, wise, and love each other enough to manage it. It usually takes a lot of time to get used to each other and get to know each other better. The most interesting thing is that there always occur things that irritate the partners in each other.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

Today we have prepared something special for you. We are offering you a list of annoying things men do that women hate. This information can help you to strengthen your relationship with your significant other.

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#1 Texting to say “What’s up?” and then not responding for three hours

Most of women hate when their men start a conversation and don’t text them again after their answer. We hate when a man doesn’t answer us. It would be better not to text us at all than bothering us and making us think about what could happen and why he hasn’t answered.

#2 Not changing their sheets regularly

All women try to keep their house clean and neat. They don’t like when it is messy and dirty. They also don’t like unpleasant odors. That’s why women really hate, when their men don’t change their sheets and socks and don’t take a shower.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

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#3 Leaving the toilet seat up

Yes, this is one of the most annoying things. There is no woman who would like to wake up at night, go to the bathroom, and fall into the toilet when trying to sit down. Dear men, there is nothing difficult about putting down the toilet sit.

#4 Getting offended when we can’t hang out but labeling us as "clingy" when we do the same thing

Very often boys get really offended when we can’t hang out because of our own plans. However, it is even worse when they call us clingy when we get offended for the same reason. Where is the justice, guys?

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#5 Getting mad because we have our periods

Every woman is familiar with this awful condition, when you are dying because of horrible pain, hate everything, want to eat something tasty, want to kill somebody, and all this stuff is at the same time. Everything gets even worse, when our men get mad because of our periods. Trust us, it’s not our fault and we would like to get rid of this monthly suffering.

#6 Getting mad when we take their clothes

Guys, it is not our fault that men’s clothes are more comfortable and cozy than women’s. We just like your clothes. After all, it is just a T-shirt, there is nothing to worry about. Don’t be greedy.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#7 Tipping poorly

Every woman likes when her man asks her for a date and they go to the restaurant and have a great dinner. However, we hate when men leave a poor tip. In this way you seem to us less attractive. Leaving a bad tip you look cheap.

#8 When he never laughs

All women like men with a great sense of humor, but we understand that all people can’t be funny and laugh every time they hear some jokes. However, if a man never laughs, he is just boring. Besides, if he doesn’t joke and never laughs, it seems that he just doesn’t have fun and doesn’t love us.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#9 Make us come to family events and then leave us standing by ourselves

I bet many women are familiar with this situation. He takes you with him to his family event and then leaves you alone to talk to his aunt whom you have met for the first time. You should stand and answer her questions politely waiting until he comes and saves you. Yes, it’s really awful.

#10 Eat anything they want in front of us, forcing us to ruin our diets

We all know how difficult it is to stick to strict diets in order to get rid of excess weight. The worst thing in this case is when somebody stops us from keeping our diet. Men have a horrible habit to eat fried or sugary and tasty foods right in front of their women who make a lot of efforts eating this awful tasteless salad. All women hate such situations.

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We at BetterMe want everyone to know and experience true love. It is out there for everyone and until it knocks on your door we are here to remind you that you deserve the best love!

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