It's a wonderful feeling to have a good pair of legs. If your legs are healthy, you can walk a lot and lead an active life. It's a gift. But what do you say about having a great pair of flawless, strong legs?

If you want to be slim, you should balance your diet with healthy products and walk at least thirty minutes a day. But if you want to have flawless legs and toned thighs, you should perform lower body training routines regularly and eat clean.

We would like to show you five amazing leg exercises that you should do six times a week, in order to make your legs beautiful and skinny. If you combine this workout with a cardio routine, you will see wonderful results in one month.

This workout routine consists of effective leg exercises such as single-leg circles, lateral lunge side kicks, wall sits, seated leg raises and knee bends with squats. These moves focus on strengthening your lower body, sculpting your legs and toning your thighs.

Perform ten repetitions of each exercise and hold wall sits for one minute. In order to obtain great results, you should repeat this set of movies three times and perform this training routine four times a week. It’s very important to perform a short warmup before you start exercising. It will help prevent injuries and improve your flexibility.

Are you interested? Scroll down to read how to perform these moves correctly. It’s time to build your dream body, ladies!

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#1. Single-leg squat

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#2. Lateral lunge side kicks

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#3. Wall sits

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#4. Leg raises

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#5. Squats

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