These days, we can hardly imagine our lives without social networks. While many consider them to be nothing else than just a nasty, time-consuming addition to our life, others have a different view.

The thing is, there are social networks which actually help people get on with their creative vision of the world. For example, Instagram was developed as a mere photo app, but look how it’s changed over the past few years. People not only share their everyday life pictures, but also ask others to observe and evaluate their photo skills. Very often, people who started as amateurs turn out to be famous photographers, all thanks to social networks. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true.

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So today we decided to share a number of pictures that gained popularity on Instagram and we can understand why. Sometimes it is just a moment or a place, but once you have a look at it,, you understand that the person is an artist.

What is more, most of these photos are not only the object of admiration, but very often they turn out to inspire different people to do different things. Our lives would be so boring if there was nothing to inspire us, and we are lucky that it is so easy to find something inspiring with the help of mere social networks. Some people may say that social networks are completely useless, and that is their opinion, but we think otherwise, and want to share the reasons why.

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#1. The beauty of cold.

#2. Perfect things are simple.

#3. When the sky gets moody.

#4. May I come in?

#5. The danger of beauty.

#6. The place where it never rains.

#7. Symmetry is the key to success.

#8. Perfect fit.

#9. The Goddess of the mountain.

#10. When nature takes over.

#11. What do you know about loneliness?

#12. Comfort above all.

#13. Hello there!

#14. My little…unicorn

#15. Up!

#16. There is always love in the center.

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