Very many of you want to get fit, but are just too lazy to start getting yourself into perfect shape. Some of you may say that workouts are for people who do not have anything else to do, but we think otherwise. The thing is, if you wish for something hard enough, there will be always time and resources for that.

Too many people are talking about perfect abs, but how many of them actually succeed with that? Do you want to be on the winning or losing side? If you pick the winning side, we may have just the 30-day challenge for you in mind. Working on your abs may seem pretty easy, since you are already familiar with all the exercises, at least more or less, yet the thing with this challenge is that you keep moving forward every day. What does that mean? That means that you constantly increase the density of your routine, after all, you want to get the best result, not just an average one.

If you’re motivated and already thinking of accepting the challenge, we would like to warn you that there is something else you need to know. Even though this challenge is more than effective, you should always keep in mind that a workout itself is not enough. That means that, at least for these 30 days, you will have to think about your eating habits and stick to something considered a healthy way of eating. So it is all up to you now – be a winner or give in to laziness.

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#1. Bicycle Crunches

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#2. Straight Leg Raise

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#3. Crunches Knees Up

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#4. Amazing Inverted V Planks

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#5.Knee to Elbow Crunches

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#6. Reverse Crunch with Fitness Ball

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#7. Torso Twist with Ball

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