It is the eve of Christmas holidays and the New Year. The next year is the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. Someone is already picking up a New Year's tour, someone is looking for original recipes for the festive table and planning an explosive party, someone is sewing a carnival costume or thinking of how to decorate the house for the holidays.

Of course, in this pre-New Year's mess, we should not ignore our four-legged friends - the symbol of the next year - dogs. Their owners, in all parts of the world, show incredible creativity by making suits for their pets on the eve of the winter holidays. It is simply impossible to hold back a smile, when we are looking at these dogs.

We picked up the most original and funny photos from Instagram. If you have a pet at home, perhaps you will also take some of these ideas into account. Just do not forget that the carnival costume for your dog should be comfortable and safe, so that the baby does not eat off any of its details:

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