Don’t give guys a bad reputation by believing that they only care about looks. We all appreciate a good looking partner, but it’s definitely not the only thing that determines who we spend our time with. Men are like women in that they have priorities other than looks that play a bigger role in their choice of partner.

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Here are 10 things that matter to men more than your looks:

#1 Independence

A man may enjoy taking care of you and playing the protective role to a certain extent, but when it comes down to it, he wants to know that you are self-sufficient. When a man meets you he wants to see that your life is established and that you function independently of him and any relationship building between you.

#2 Vulnerability

Your man wants to know that you are strong enough to release your emotions and share them with him. Your genuine reactions to things he does for you, mean the world to him. There’s no need to put on a tough act in front of your guy. The more emotion you show, the more real you are to him.

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Credit: Pixabay

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#3 Eating Habits

Obviously, your diet is your own personal decision that should not be based on anything but your own needs and desires. That being said, let go of any notion that you have about men wanting a woman to censor her eating habits around him. On the contrary, men like to know that their girls eat normally and actually enjoy the food they choose.

#4 Life Drive

It doesn’t matter how physically beautiful you are, if you have no goals or desires that you are working to meet, a man will eventually get bored spending time with you. Life is a journey that should be invested in. Men want to know that you have passions that you feel are worth working and fighting for.

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Credit: Pixabay

#5 Cooking Skills

First of all, be honest about your skill level. If you’re not much of a cook, make sure you don’t overpromise. If you do like to cook, put love into the food that you prepare for your man. When he eats it, he’ll understand that you made it for him and want to come back for seconds.

#6 Humor

Don’t take yourself or life too seriously. Time flies and men want to spend it having fun. He wants to see that you enjoy laughing and know how to give and take jokes. If you have no humor, too much time will be spent on heavy conversation.

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Credit: Pixabay

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#7 Listening Skills

When a man chooses to share his thoughts with you, he wants to know that you are actually listening. That means putting energy into actively hearing what he’s telling you and trying to understand what that information means to him and how it affects him.

#8 Trustworthiness

If faced with the choice of beauty or total trust with the woman of their lives, the majority of men would choose the trust. Relationships simply don’t work without trust. If a guy is thinking about settling down with you, he wants to know that he’ll be able to trust you no matter what.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#9 Time and Energy

People have busy schedules, it’s unavoidable. A man who’s interested in you won’t ask you for all of your time, but he will expect that you set aside some time to spend with him. If you’re always too busy for him, how will you get to know each other?

#10 Support and Encouragement

Men really value having a sidekick in life. They want to know that they can count on in you in any situation that passes and to feel that you believe in them and stand behind them in everything.

It’s not a bad thing to beautiful, but it’s not the only thing that matters. Work on some of these qualities that men look for so that you’ll be ready for the right relationship when it happens.

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Credit: Pixabay

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