Flexibility, strength and easy muscular relief of female hands make their possessor very attractive. Unfortunately, the muscles of the hands lose shape with age, and weaken. To keep your hands toned, you need to load your muscles with work.

Preventing flaccidity and sagging of the upper arms can be quite simple using regular home workouts with dumbbells or a tape espander.

The main attention when pumping hand muscles at home, should be given to the upper part (shoulder) and lower (forearm).

The main function of these muscles is the flexion and extension of the upper arms. First of all, it is necessary to pump:

biceps - biceps have two tendon-heads for attachment to the bone, and the muscle of the shoulder is located on the front side from the shoulder to the elbow. Bending the hand, allows you to turn it palm up, and also participates in the rotation of the forearm and stabilizes the shoulder joint, not allowing its dislocation;

triceps - tricep muscle, located behind, mirror biceps. Unbends the arm at the elbow;

muscles of the forearm - help to bend the elbow, rotate the forearm and wrist.

To pump up hands at home, start each lesson with a short, 5-10 minute warm-up to maximize the blood of the muscles. This will prevent possible injuries and make the exercises more effective.

For example, having started walking on the spot, raise your hands upwards on inhalation, lowering them at the exhalation. Then make circular movements with shoulders and hands. It is also good to stretch your neck, shoulders and legs.

Exercises are carried out 10 - 15 times for 3 repetitions, with small interruptions, no more than 1 minute. The load increases gradually. To enhance the effect when working with weights, you can stay for 3 seconds in the position of maximum reduction of the muscle being worked on.

Check out a 10-minute upper body workout for sculpted arms.

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#1. Plank

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#2. Push-Ups

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#3. Overhead Shoulder Press

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#4. Triceps extension

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#5. Triceps Kickbacks

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#6.Glute Bridge with Triceps Extension

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