Sticking to this 30-day challenge will give you serious results and leave you firmer and more toned on your lower half. It’s something you can incorporate into your day no matter where you find yourself.

Here are the moves you’ll use:

#1. Squats: one of the most useful exercises for toning your lower half into the shape you desire.

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  • Stand straight, separate legs slightly more open than shoulders, keep body and back firm and straight.
  • Put arms in comfortable position for you, slowly lower body, keeping firm form, into full squat.
  • Sit in squat for a couple of seconds before coming back up with good form and repeating.

#2. Bridge: helps pump up your booty size.

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  • On floor or mat with flat back, feet on floor, knees up.
  • Raise hips and butt off ground, using core and glute muscles.
  • Maintain position for a few seconds, then carefully bring hips and butt back down before repeating.

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#3. Lunges: shape and firm your legs.

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  • Normal standing position, open legs to same distance as hips, rest hands at hips.
  • One leg goes in front of you while bending both knees, back knee very close to ground.
  • Return to original position using strength from front leg and repeat alternating sides.

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You will use a combination of these three moves throughout the 30 days of the challenge. This is the breakdown:

Squats (S)/Bridge (B)/ Lunges (L)

1st Day: 15S/5B/10L

2nd Day: 20S/5B/10L

3rd Day: 20S/10B/15L

4th Day: 25S/10B/15L

5th Day: 30S/10B/20L

6th Day: 30S/15/B/20L

7th Day: 35S/15B/20L

8th Day: 35S/20B/25L

9th Day: 35S/20B/25L

10th Day: 40S/20B/30L

11th Day: 40S/25B/30L

12th Day: 45S/25B/30L

13th Day: 45S/30B/35L

14th Day: 50S/30B/35L

15th Day: 50S/35B/40L

16th Day: 55S/35B/40L

17th Day: 55S/35B/40L

18th Day: 55S/40B/45L

19th Day: 60S/40B/45L

20th Day: 60S/40B/50L

21st Day: 65S/45B/50L

22nd Day: 65S/45B/50L

23rd Day: 65S/45B/55L

24th Day: 70S/50B/55L

25th Day: 70S/50B/55L

26th Day: 70S/55B/50L

27th Day: 75S/55B/65L

28th Day: 75S/60B/65L

29th Day: 80S/60B/70L

30th Day: 90S/60B/70L

After completing this 30-day challenge, the burn you’ve felt in your legs and butt will have paid off for noticeable results.

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