These days, the way we live leaves much to be desired. The thing is, most of us are in a constant rush trying to gain something in this life. Very often, it happens that we neglect the most precious thing we have – our health.

Even though our body gives us many signs – we manage to miss all of them and then end up in a very bad condition, wondering how and when it happened.

Not so many of you know how important adrenals are. The thing is, they are strongly connected with your brain, and once one fails the others follow. How do you know that there is something wrong with your adrenal gland? Well, very often they send you signals, but even more often you mistreat them. That is why today, we decided to talk about 14 signs that adrenals give us, which we should, in no case, miss and the ways to fix the problem.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#1. Feeling anxious all the time may be the sign of adrenals burning out.

#2. Lack of mental clarity, problems with memory may also be the signs of the same issue.

#3. Increased weight with no visible reasons for that is the clear sign of your adrenal glands not working properly.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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#4. Unusual cravings, for example for salt or sugar.

#5. Issues with digestion.

#6. Unexplained depression.

#7. Low immune system and higher chance of getting a virus.

#8. The absence of sexual desire.

#9. Irritation, inability to get through stressful situations.

#10. “3 pm crash”

#11. Loss of focus.

#12. Feeling tired all the time.

#13. Sleep disorders.

#14. PMS symptoms.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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Now when you know what to look for, you need to know how to eliminate the burnout. Since there is no proper medication, here is what you should do:

• Regulate your sleep, and make sure that you sleep at least 8 hours daily.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

• Check your cortisol level.

• Regulate your diet.

• Keep your blood sugar at bay.

• Decrease your coffee intake.

• Supply your body with vitamins and minerals.

• Consume required amount of calories.

• Learn to control your stress levels.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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The BetterMe Team wants you and those close to you to live a healthy, happy life! Your health is a valuable thing; look after your body and your mind so that you can live your life to the fullest – Remember you only get one!

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