Very often we hear that some women stay fit no matter what, and that makes some of us not only jealous, but also quite curious about what their secrets are. It is even more difficult to deal with if you are spending your days on countless diets with little to no effect and others can treat themselves with sweets and junk food without the slightest hint of fear.

The thing is, there are some secrets, in fact, and we are going to share them with you today. To tell you the truth, there is nothing special, just a few little tricks, and when you master them, they will be nothing but healthy habits which will grant you that perfect body of your dreams.

#1. Treats

Depriving yourself of food that you like the most, completely, is pretty hard for you. That is why you need to keep in mind, that treating yourself with an occasional cheat meal is fine, but you should refuse it on a regular basis.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#2. Table talk

Many people say that you should not talk while you are eating. But if you talk more, you eat less – does that sound bad? We do not think so!

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#3. Low-fat food

The thing is, the more you try to live off diet food the more weight you will gain. Make things simpler and stick to healthy food instead of diet food.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#4. Bad food

In fact, there is no bad food, at least you should not convince yourself of that. Once you learn how to live with all food, you will experience less cheating and more results.

#5. Sleep

No matter how busy you are, you should always pay proper attention to sleep. Keep that in mind.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#6. Self-esteem

You should not blame yourself if you just ate a burger and drank the whole coke, live on, forgive and forget. But try not to do that on a regular basis.

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#7. Diet soda

As with all the other artificial products, it is not healthy and it is always better to stay away from it.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#8. Kitchen time

Devote some time to cooking, even if you are not that good at it. Who knows? Maybe you will like it and will make all the healthy food of your own creation!

#9. Calories

Calories are important, but some people go over the edge with counting them and that is not good. Instead, we suggest you pay attention to how healthy the food on your plate is, not how many calories it has.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#10. Sugar

A lot of sugar is bad, but you can treat yourself with some, that is not out of the question. All you need to do is figure out what your personal limit is and try not to increase it.

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The BetterMe Team wants you and those close to you to live a healthy, happy life! Your health is a valuable thing; look after your body and your mind so that you can live your life to the fullest – Remember you only get one!

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