Today, we would like to present you with a killer workout for tight abs. Only three moves, three times a week, and you will be the owner of sexy abs in three weeks. Do you want to know more about this mini workout for your abs?

Well, our workout is designed for women who want to tighten their midsection and get sexy abs. As we said earlier, this killer workout includes three exercises such as Stability Ball Roll-Up with Twist, Bicycle Crunch, and Stability Ball Leg Lift. To perform these exercises, you need equipment like a fitness ball and mat.

Perform the number of reps for each exercise, going on to the next move without resting. Do the three-move sequence once in week one, twice in week two, and three times in week three. Is it clear? Start with two circuits in week one and three in weeks two and three.

Before performing ab exercises, you need to warm up with some cardio for 5 to 10 minutes to get your blood pumping and to help focus your mind on your upcoming workout. Set yourself a goal and start walking towards it!

What’s more, after your killer workout, you need to stretch your abs for two to three minutes by lying face up over the stability ball. Reach your arms overhead and extend your legs, keeping your feet on the floor.

Scroll down to see how perform these 3 effective exercises for tight abs.

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#1. Stability Ball Roll-Up with Twist

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#2. Bicycle Crunch

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#3. Stability Ball Leg Lift

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Bonus: Torso Twist with Ball

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