There’s no getting around it, a very big part of being able to lose weight depends on your diet. That means that you will probably need to cut out some of your favorite comfort foods, if you’re serious about dropping the pounds.

Here are 13 foods to let go of, if you mean to lose weight:

#1. Drinks with sugar

When you drink things that have a lot of added sugar in them, you are using up calories that could otherwise be given to food. Not to mention that the sugar you’re consuming if contributing to the accumulation of more fat. Let go of sugary drinks and choose water, which you can flavor, if you want.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#2. Coffee treats

Drinking a coffee everyday can be a helpful thing that boosts your metabolism, but only if you’re drinking it plain. The standard coffee options available at your favorite coffee shops are full of fat in the form of milk and cream, and tons of sugar. Stick to black coffee.

#3. Certain dressings

Eating salad is a really great way to boost your possible weight loss, but if you’re covering the salad in an unhealthy dressing, you’re undoing the work, and probably doing more damage. Stop using pre-made dressings and create your own with ingredients like olive oil, vinegar, and lemon.

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Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#4. Ice cream products

It’s true, we all scream for ice cream and milkshakes, but if you keep eating them, you will add more and more fat and sugar to your body. Cutting these treats out of your routine will save you a lot of calories and help trim your waist.

#5. White bread and carbs

These refined products don’t actually offer you any nutritional value, like their whole-grain counterparts. All you get from them is a lot of sugar. Switch to whole-grain bread products for an easy difference.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#6. Pizza

Although it is delicious, the pizza you get when you order or go to restaurants, is not the healthiest. It tends to be very high in fat and even sugar, depending on the sauce and toppings. If you love pizza and don’t want to give it up, start making your own healthy version at home. Pile on the veggies!

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#7. Processed cereals

You think you’re doing well by eating breakfast, but if you’re eating a processed cereal, than all you’re doing is setting yourself up for an energy crash later in the day. Most cereals are full of sugar and don’t offer any nutrients.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#8. Baked sweets

This is about sugar again. It is just not good for, bottom line. When you eat baked sweets on a regular basis, your blood sugar can get out of control. If you want to lose weight, you will need to cut the fat and sugar out of your diet that comes with baked sweets.

#9. Candy

Everything about candy is refined and based on chemical preservatives and sugar. Eating candy is like asking for health problems, and when you consume large amounts of it over time, it gets converted into fat that stays stuck in your body.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#10. Fries and chips

Both items are very unhealthy because they are generally fried in order to be prepared. When you eat chips and french fries, you are consuming high amounts of unhealthy fats, which just sits on your hips and thighs.

#11. Beers

Alcohol has a lot of calories, and beer in particular has a reputation for leading to a robust stomach area. If you’re a social drinker, it may be time to switch to seltzer with lime for a while.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#12. Fried chicken

Don’t lie to yourself and say that you’re getting your needed protein from a serving of fried chicken. You can basically forget the protein, because what you’re mostly getting is dangerous levels of fat.

#13. Sugary foods

There are many foods that you may not be aware contain sugar. To put it simply, all packaged and processed foods contain sugar. So your best best is to avoid them and eat real food as often as possible.

Changing your eating habits will make a world of difference in your ability to lose weight. Do what you must to cut out the foods on this list, and then move on to thinking about proper portions.

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