Physical exercises are useful at any age, and after 40 - even more so. Any set of exercises actively and positively affects the body. Classes have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, contribute to weight loss, correct the figure, relieve stress and normalize the work of the nervous system. While performing the exercises, we give an outlet to adrenaline, which raises blood pressure, and also strengthens the heartbeat.

Which complex to choose? And what kind of physical exertion is more useful in menopause? Unequivocally answer this question, perhaps, it is impossible: the choice of a woman should be individual. Still, some recommendations can be given in this case.

So, it is undesirable to take on a large physical load immediately: only 10-15 minutes of daily exercise can give a positive result. A lot of activity can adversely affect the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, because in the menopause the body is too tired from everyday loads, even if the menopause passes without any complications.

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In the menopausal period, it is recommended to have easy jogging and swimming. Today many sports clubs recruit groups from women of transitional age and teach them a special set of exercises designed for the physical capabilities of women of 40 years of age. Their advantage is that, without overstressing the body, they allow you to lose weight and feel as good as your overall condition allows during the menopause.

Check out 5 exercises women over 40 should do every week.

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#1. Burpee

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Credit: BetterMe

#2. Squats

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#3. Plank

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#4. Lunge

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#5. Straight Leg Raise

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