Problem zones are called so with purpose, except for external signs of imperfection, they are the last ones that can be corrected. In the article, we will look at how to deal with the problem zone, and also give a set of exercises for slimming your hands, which you can easily perform at home.

The appearance of problem zones contributes to malnutrition and low-activity lifestyle. The hands or any other zone will never be complete compared to the whole body, if you follow the calorie and nutrition balance, and also lead an active lifestyle.

Many girls are afraid of exercise as a fire, thinking that they will make their arms muscular. Do not confuse classes for weight loss and classes for muscle mass. Unlike the latter, weight loss exercises are not so radical, rather resemble a more thorough version of charging or school warm-up. Their advantage is that they allow you to work point-by-point, emphasize precisely those problem areas that need correction.

Here are the simplest of the exercises that help slimming hands, which do not involve the use of special athletic equipment or simulators, the only exception is dumbbells.

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#1. Chair Push Ups

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#2. Forearm Plank To Push Up

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#3. Front Shoulder Dumbbell Raises

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#4. Biceps Curl

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#5. Push Ups

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