Excess fat, especially in slender people, does not just appear - it is a signal about the body's malfunctioning. The fat is deposited more often on the abdomen and on the sides, creating an ugly "muffin top" - and this affects not only women but also men. What causes the appearance of fat?

In the first place, this is the result of malnutrition. Irregular fast snacks and hunger during the day, too much sweet,- all this leads to the accumulation of fat on the belly and sides. The metabolic process in the body is disrupted, and the process of digestion and fat burning is slowed down.

The fat layer on the abdomen and sides appears also from an excess amount of toxins. Alcohol, smoking, taking hormonal medications - all this affects the speed of blood circulation. So, the speed of elimination of harmful substances and fats decreases.

Also unhealthy lifestyle can lead to belly fat. In fact, the body is a complex biological mechanism, and best of all it works in the presence of a clear and constant regime. Otherwise, all the processes taking place in it are slowed down - which affects health and the shape.

Noticing excess fat on the belly and sides, many people decide to fight with it purposefully - and they are supposed to perform crunches. However, the fat does not vanish. The fact is that doctors have proved that exercises such as crunches do not affect the fat layer. Yes, with intensive work the muscles of the abdomen really get energy from the fat layer - the thing is that the amount of fat burned is so insignificant that the amount spent during training is filled almost instantly.

Today we want to present you the 5 most effective exercises that will help get rid of fat on the stomach and sides. Scroll down to find out the details.

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#1. Crunches

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#2. Bicycles

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#3. Crunches Knees Up

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#4. Knee to Elbow Crunches

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#5. Side Plank

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