The lower body is often an area of concern and focus for women. If you want to have super slim, strong legs, you should divert your attention to an effective lower body workout, because this twelve-minute training routine could do wonders for your body. The best part of this workout is that it can be performed everywhere and you don’t need to waste time and money hitting the gym and visiting other training classes.

It consists of fat burning exercises such as bodyweight squats, glute raises, prisoner alternating lunges and ground to sky jumps. Each move should be performed for forty seconds with twenty seconds of rest. You should go through three sets of moves, which will be exactly twelve-minutes.

This training routine will really target your quads, glutes and hamstrings. That is why, if you dream of having a sculpted butt and lean legs, you should do this workout three times a week. If you feel that it is difficult for you to perform these exercises at the scheduled time, feel at ease to drop the interval times to thirty-seconds of exercising with thirty seconds of rest.

It’s also important to take care of your health during and after a workout. Perform a short warmup in order to prevent bone and joint injuries. It can be yoga exercises, running or stretching movements, as it can help you become more flexible and strong. Are you up for a challenge? Scroll down to read the exercise descriptions in order to do them right. And we should warn you: get ready to work hard, as your legs will burn!

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#1. Bodyweight squats

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#2. Glute raises

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#3. Prisoner alternating lunges

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#4. Ground to sky jumps

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