Do you want to sculpt a bigger, firmer, toned butt? You can get it in just seven days! Can you believe it? Perform three butt exercises for seven days, and you will get a perfectly rounded butt that can fill your jeans like a dream! You don't need to buy expensive equipment or follow any complicated requirements. This easy seven-day-booty-challenge can lift your buttocks and firm it up! However, in order to achieve your weight-loss goals, you should change your eating habits. You should follow a high-protein diet, as it will help you grow muscle mass.

This challenge is good for these who hate squats. There are no squats at all. This amazing training routine consists of effective moves such as leg dips, twisted lunges and knee-up bridges. These exercises focus on growing your glutes and toning your booty. If you want to get wonderful results in seven days, you should follow this challenge calendar:

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Day 1 - 20 repetitions of each move.

Day 2 - 25 repetitions of each move.

Day 3 - 30 repetitions of each move.

Day 4 - 40 repetitions of each move.

Day 5 - 45 repetitions of each move.

Day 6 - 50 repetitions of each move.

Day 7 - 55 repetitions of each move.

Remember that before you start performing this training routine, you should do a short warmup. It will help you prevent bone and joint injuries, improve flexibility and build stamina.

Are you up for a challenge? Scroll down to read the instructions carefully in order to do these exercises right. These exercises will help you lift your booty in no time. It is time to change your life, ladies. You can do it!

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#1. Leg dips

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#2. Twisted lunges

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#3. Knee-up bridges

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