What is your goal in relationships? We guess that every woman needs a healthy and happy relationship. What’s more, every woman needs her superman who will be an excellent supporter and lover. Nice house, happy marriage, and perfect life!

Unfortunately, your partner may not be the person who you think he is. Some “perfect” men are natural born liars. Their whole life is a lie, because they like to cheat and think that it’s okay. Not all women understand with whom they are sharing their lives. What about your relationship? Is everything ok?

There are many reasons why men start deceiving their girlfriends/wife. He may have stopped loving you and found another woman. Maybe he is just an awful person! In any case, you do not deserve to be deceived!

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Credit: Pixabay

Today, we would like to present you with a list of reasons why men cheat on their girlfriends/wife. Read and take notes!

Reason #1

Some men love to lie, because this is their second nature and instinct. They don’t love their girlfriend/wife, they just love to play with them.

Reason #2

Some men need affairs to be confident.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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Reason #3

He prefers his old friends instead of you. He likes to spend a lot time with his friends and do teenage things. He may cheat on you just to look cool to his friends!

Reason #4

Your man probably already had a serious relationship that led to emotional trauma. What’s more, he hasn’t forgotten his ex girlfriend and still feels pain.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

Reason #5

Some men love sex. They do not need any serious relationships. They just want women in bed!

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Reason #6

Men are simple people, they need sex, company and food. However, women are different, because they want emotional connection. These different concepts can lead to collapse.

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Credit: Pixabay

Reason #7

Some men do not understand what love is. They think of love as the way to fulfill their lust and sexual desires. This can lead to misconceptions in the relationship. As we said earlier, women are different creatures who need love and emotional connection.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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We at BetterMe want everyone to know and experience true love. It is out there for everyone and until it knocks on your door we are here to remind you that you deserve the best love!

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