There are many different preferences when it comes to the shape you want your butt to be, but one thing that seems to be universal is the desire for a firm, shaped behind. You can sculpt the bottom you want by focusing on exercising your glutes, no plastic surgery or buttpads needed!

Muscles to Focus On

In order to craft the butt you want, you need to focus on three main muscles that make up your rear:

Gluteus maximus: largest body muscle which creates the shape of your butt.

Gluteus medius: muscle that helps with hip rotation.

Gluteus minimus: muscle that assists with thigh rotation.

Working these 3 groups together will result in a shaped bottom that will stay in place.

Reasons to Focus on Glute Strength

Besides having a visually pleasing butt, working on your glute strength will provide you with other benefits for your body, as well:

Improves your overall posture.

Helps in reducing back, hip, and knee pain.

Increases your ability for athletic performance.

Now that you know why you should spend time focusing on your glutes, try these 7 simple exercises that you can even do at home:

The combination of these 7 exercises works to target all 3 of the main glute muscles and in turn will leave you feeling firmer in no time.

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#1. Squats

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#2. Lunges

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#3. Step-up

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#4. Pilates Swimming

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#5. Glute Bridge

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#6. Dumbbell Deadlift

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#7. Single Leg Hip Thrust with Chair

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