When you hear the term obesity, you relate it with your body appearance. However, you should know that the physical look is not the big problem regarding obesity. The main problem with obesity is diseases that can be caused by excess weight. Being overweight may increase the risk of many health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, cancers, sleep apnea and others. Obesity has become the leading causes of death in the United states.

If you want to prevent cardiovascular diseases and heart strokes, you should change your lifestyle and start slimming down. No, that is not easy, but with proper motivation, a good workout routine and a healthy diet, you can deal with this problem for good.

We would like to show you a good workout routine that can help you burn extra fat. This training routine consists of effective, easy-to-follow exercises such as crunches, squats, lunges, sumo squats to calf raise, jumping jacks and planks. You should repeat each exercise twenty times and hold the plank for one minute. In order to accelerate fat burning and build lean muscles you should perform this workout four or five times a week combining it with a healthy high-protein diet.

Are you up for a challenge? Scroll down to read how to perform these moves correctly in order to avoid bone and joint injuries and get maximum results. By performing this exercise complex you will be able to sculpt beautiful, fit body in no time. It is time to sweat, ladies!

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#1. Crunches

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#2. Squats

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#3. Lunges

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#4. One-leg squats with dumbbells

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#5. Jumping jacks

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#6. Planks

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