Although it is winter now, we should think about our figures. If you start exercising right now, you will have an amazing body by summer. If you are looking for the best exercises to do for a lifted butt, we have something to offer you.

We would like to show you five effective exercises that can help you sculpt a perfect body and flawless legs. Incorporate these moves into your training routine, or perform them as a separate workout, five times a week to get great results. You should remember that your nutrition is key to a beautiful body. In order to burn more calories and slim down, you should follow a healthy, balanced diet and perform cardio routines regularly.

This training routine consists of easy, fat burning exercises such as lunges, donkey kicks, fire hydrants, squat pulses and weighted bridges. These exercises target your legs, hips and buttocks. You should perform fifteen repetitions of each exercise. If you want to make these exercises more challenging, you should repeat three cycles.

If you want to see noticeable results in just a month, you must perform this training routine daily. Follow this calendar:

The first week: three circles of exercises/fifteen repetitions of each exercise.

The second week: four circles of exercises/fifteen repetitions of each exercise.

The third week: four circles of exercises/twenty repetitions of each exercise.

The fourth week: five circles of exercises/twenty repetitions of each exercise.

What do you think? Are you ready for a challenge? Scroll down to see the instructions to perform these moves right. No more excuses. It is time to start your transformation!

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#1. Lunges

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#2. Donkey kicks

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#3. Fire hydrants

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#4. Squat pulses

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#5. Weighted bridges

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