Training hands - not just for men. Every lady should pay attention to training this group of muscles, if only because girls wear t-shirts and dresses without sleeves.

Do not be afraid to train your hands, for women they will not become huge. On the contrary, the hands will become taut and muscular tone.

The muscles of the hands are represented in several parts - in the forearms, shoulders and shoulder-straps.

The forearm muscle is pretty much. They are responsible for the extension and bending of the brush, as well as for its rotation.

The muscles of the shoulder are represented mainly by the biceps (front) and triceps (behind). They help us to bend and unbend our arms in the elbows.

The muscles of the foreleg are deltoid muscles. In general, they are responsible for the ups and downs of the hands.

Now that we know the basics, let's get down to training, prepare a team from Workout. To perform the exercises we will need small dumbbells.

Are you ready to take a challenge and to sculpt your arms during 30 days? Let’s nail it, girl!

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#1. Tricpe Dips

#2. Push-Ups

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#3. Plank

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#4. Triceps Kickbacks

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#5. Tricep Extension

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#6. Dumbbell Fly

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