Healthy and slim body is a dream of every woman. We all want to feel good and look attractive. That’s why today, so many people have started leading a healthy lifestyle. They consume healthy foods and perform physical exercises daily.

These methods are the most effective and safe for people who fight with excess weight. They help to lose weight gradually and are harmless for our health. It is important to combine both methods. Healthy diet means that you should quit junk food and should start eating healthy foods packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. In this way you’ll detoxify your body and lose excess pounds.

However, there are many women who neglect workouts thinking that they will make their bodies less feminine. Very often they think that it will be enough to stick to a healthy diet. However, in this way you won’t get really good results.

Physical exercises strengthen your muscles making your body toned and slim. They help to burn calories and provide your body with attractive shapes. That’s why it is important to combine healthy nutrition with exercises. Only in this way it will be possible to achieve desirable results.

However, muscles aren’t built in a day. You should work a lot to gain some muscle mass and make your body attractive. You need weeks of training to get desirable effect. It is also important to choose the most effective exercises. That’s why today we are suggesting you a list of seven simple moves that will target different muscle groups and will make your body slim and toned. They won’t take a lot of your time and effort. So try our workout and you won’t wait long for the results!

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#1. Elbow Plank

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#2. Single Leg Hip Thrust with Chair

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#3. Pulsing Lunges

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#4. Push Ups

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#5. Squats

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#6. Leg Adduction with Chair

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#7. Bend Over Cross Stretch with Chair

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