All ladies dream of long slender legs, but thighs and legs can be a problem zone for most women. Women are usually not satisfied with the fullness of their thighs and calves and with cellulite on the buttocks. The tendency for the deposition of fat on the legs and hips was given to ladies naturally in order to maintain their main purpose – to give birth to children. However, many women do not want to put up with this, and run to the gym to improve their figure. Those who have no time for going to the gym can easily perform exercises for weight loss of legs and hips at home, as they are simple enough and does not require special equipment. One more thing, when you chose the type of training for your legs, do not forget about the rest of your body. It should look proportional. Look through the following exercises. They are very effective and simple in performance:

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Seated quadriceps. Take a chair, sit on it with your legs, put your hands on the sides, then lift your legs, but do not flex your knees. Do as many times as you can.

Squats for your glutes. Perform classical squats for as many times as you can. Remember that your back should be straight, do not bend it.

Strengthening your abductors. Stand up, take your leg and lift it to the side as high as possible. Than repeat with the other leg. Repeat as many times as you can.

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#1. Seated quadriceps

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#2. Squats

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#3. Leg swings

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