How can you lose weight quickly? Our answer is simple - you should try a 30-day plank challenge. Only 30 days and you will get better you! You don’t need to go to the gym or use any equipment. You can perform this exercise anywhere you want!

What is a plank? By performing this workout, you need to maintain your posture in a horizontal position for a short period of time. What’s more, this exercise will help you burn more calories than any other isometric exercise.

What are the pros of plank? Firstly, we’d like to say that this exercise is a perfect way for women who have problems with obesity and who want to lose weight. Secondly, by performing plank, you can strengthen abs, boost metabolism, lose weight, and improve your overall health. Awesome!

A 30-day plank challenge includes a plan that you will have to follow to achieve perfect results. Following this plan, you need to increase the time for plank each day. After you learn, how to perform plank, challenge yourself to do more and more for 30 days. In addition, women who have health issues must consult a doctor before doing this workout!

Scroll down, if you do not know how to perform plank!

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#1. Plank VS Push Up with Fitness Ball

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#2. Elbow Plank

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#3. Plank Leg Raises

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#4. Forearm Plank To Push Up

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#5. Inverted V Planks

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#6. Side Plank

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