Every woman would like to have slim and sexy body. It is not surprising, since our life would be much easier. A body like this is healthy and strong, we can feel confident and have a good self-esteem. Besides, all types of clothes will look attractive on a perfectly shaped body.

That’s why so many women have started leading a healthy lifestyle. They avoid unhealthy habits and junk food, maintain healthy diets and perform workouts daily. All these methods help them lose weight without any harm for their health.

However, every woman has some problem areas that are very hard to get rid of. Some of them have belly fat, others have back bulge, but the majority of women suffer from excess weight on their legs. There are also women who have too thin legs and want to make them more toned.

Healthy eating and physical exercises will be helpful in this case too. The main point here is to do everything properly. Just make sure that your diet includes protein, fiber, healthy fats, whole grains and other necessary elements. In this way your body will get enough energy, and it will be easier for you to burn calories and gain muscle mass.

You should also choose the most effective exercises that will target different muscle groups. In this way you’ll achieve the best results. That’s why today, we have decided to provide you with the most effective workout. Here are seven simple exercises that will make your legs slim and toned. Try these moves and you won’t regret it!

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#1. Futter Kicks

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#2. Frog Jump

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#3. In And Out Jacks

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#4. Basic Squat With Side Leg Lift

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#5. Step Up to Chair

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#6. One Leg Squat with Chair

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#7. Single Leg Balance Lunge with Chair

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