Visiting the fitness room is just one of the huge list of ways to become the owner of beautiful buttocks, a chiseled waist and a rounded bust. Increasingly, girls prefer home fitness training. With the right approach to the work, the effectiveness of such exercises is not less than the analogous one in the gym.

They save not only money (and a decent number of them), but also the very time that does not exist. Instead of 2-3 hours (fitness lesson plus the road), it takes only 30 minutes to sculpt the figure.

Motivation is the key to success. You can enthusiastically take up the execution of the complex, but lose the ardor within the first week. How to strengthen motivation? Regularly leaf through the fashionable catalogs with underwear. Do this every time you discover the desire to "skip" the training once.

Any hips and any waist can be made seductive. Any bust can be raised without surgery. Find your ideal figure and go to him in small steps, but every day.

Regularity is the guarantee of the result. Let it be only 3 workouts, but every week. An intensive marathon for 7 days and the resumption of training only in the next month is an incorrect position. The result is a minus sign. You just make fun of the body, but not a gram and a centimeter will not move in the right direction.

Tips before starting:

1. the number of trainings - at least 3 per week with a break in one day;

2. every 4 weeks the complex of exercises changes - the body quickly adapts to the load;

3. training is conducted after eating (at least after 2 hours);

4. renew food at least one hour after exercise;

5. before each training, the obligatory stage is warm-up (cardio-loading), optimal - running on the spot, knees - higher (up to 3 minutes);

Enjoy the exercises, turn on the music, smile, sweat with enthusiasm! Are you ready to become the creator of your ideal figure? Then you need to find out what exercises for girls on every day are recommended by fitness trainers. And, believe me, to fulfill them is a pleasure!

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#1. Squats

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#2. Leg Raises

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#3. Lunge

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#4. Plank

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#5. Clamshells

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