What is manipulation? Manipulation is a clever trick, trickery, juggling of facts to achieve an unseemly goal; the same as fraud.That is, manipulation through feeling is a feigned behavior (juggling of facts) of one person with the purpose to cause certain feelings for another to achieve his goal.

Manipulate everything: children, adults of different levels of education, income, way of life. Some do it consciously, others do not fully understand this.

We don’t want you to become a victim of manipulators, so we prepared a list of feelings manipulators love to play with. Check it out and take care!

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#1 Manipulation of love.

In partnership, such conversations do not lead to anything good. After all, in this case, one cup of weights puts love, and on the other a certain condition. It turns out that love is a certain commodity, which, if necessary, can be exchanged for services or money.

#2 Manipulation of fear.

The use of human fears is one of the most favorite methods of manipulators of all types and suits. Very often they play on insufficient awareness of a person. Therefore, if you are regularly powdered with brains about some mythical dangers and are urged to do one or the other to avoid them - make inquiries.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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#3 Manipulation of self-esteem

Manipulation is always a matter of power, and in this case it is most acute. With the manipulator, of course, you can start playing "giveaway" and flatter. But this flattery will never be enough. He will calm down for a while, and then again and again to seek confirmation of his solvency at the expense of other people's shortcomings. However, he can only manipulate you if you are worried about your lack. Accept yourself and your weaknesses or get rid of them.

#4 Manipulation of guilt.

It is very common in family life, its frequent use leads to the fact that the husband and wife begin to play an exciting game - the collection of other people's faults. Who collected more, he won, read - he got the right to realize his secret desires. Although it is completely unclear why this self-evident right must be won in such a strange and unpleasant way?

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#5 Manipulation of a sense of pride

Vanity is elevated to the rank of the main idea of ​​Western civilization. Faster, higher, stronger and further with all stops right up to the end. The main thing is not to stop and not to think.

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#6 Manipulation of pity

There are very insidious and delicate manipulators of a sense of pity - "victims" who always complain about life and collect dividends - words of encouragement and help. These "victims" are also vampires. They can endlessly discuss with you their life situation, but they will never do anything to change something. Because they are happy sacrifices.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#7 Manipulation of responsibility

It happens when responsibility of 2 different spheres cross. For example, an employee tells that he or she cannot work today, because his/her dog is sick and he needs to take him to doctor. Well, actually this is and example of pity and responsibility manipulation, but the main point is taken.

#8 Manipulation of fear of losing

If a person sees that you really got used to something, he or she can take an advantage of it and manipulate with your fear of loss.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#9 Returning a favor

Sometimes people do good things, expecting other to give them something in return. This is a favorable soil for manipulation, so you need to be careful.

#10 Fear of being lonely

Yes, people hate being lonely. One can be threatened to be left alone by a manipulator. Such statements always need to be analyzed rationally.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

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