You all know this exercise. It's one of the most popular exercises that targets the main muscle groups. However, some people do not want to perform it, as they do not think it is effective. Some of them even think that it is too difficult to perform this move.

The name of this exercise is "the plank" and you should perform this move to provide maximum benefits to your body. Just imagine, this one exercise activates all your muscle groups and tones your body. It may be tough in the beginning, but, we promise, you can overcome it!

You will not need a lot of time, as it takes only four minutes to perform this exercise and get amazing results in one month!

There are three main benefits of this exercise:

#1. The plank will strengthen your back and your abs, making your posture better.

#2. It will flatten your belly and make your waist look slimmer.

#3. This exercise will boost your flexibility and improve your stamina.

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We would like to draw your attention to a twenty-eight-day plank challenge that can help you get a flat belly and flawless legs. As you are beginner, you should begin with holding a plank for twenty seconds and increase your time gradually. If you want to get amazing results and prevent injuries, you should perform the plank correctly.

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If you are ready to start, scroll down to see twenty-eight day calendar:

Day 1 - twenty seconds.

Day 2 - twenty seconds.

Day 3 - thirty seconds.

Day 4 - thirty seconds.

Day 5 - forty seconds.

Day 6 - you can have some rest.

Day 7 - forty-five seconds.

Day 8 - forty-five seconds.

Day 9 minute.

Day 10 - one minute.

Day 11 - one minute.

Day 12 - ninety seconds.

Day 13 - you can have some rest.

Day 14 - ninety seconds.

Day 15 - ninety seconds.

Day 16 - one hundred twenty seconds.

Day 17 - one hundred twenty seconds.

Day 18 - one hundred fifty seconds.

Day 19 - you can have some rest.

Day 20 - one hundred fifty seconds.

Day 21 - one hundred fifty seconds.

Day 22 -three minute.

Day 23 - three minute.

Day 24 - three minute.

Day 25 - you can have some rest.

Day 26 - two hundred ten seconds.

Day 27 - two hundred forty seconds.

Day 28 - four minutes.

By finishing this challenge, you will obtain great weight-loss results in just twenty-eight days, ladies!

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