Losing weight is a very difficult process, and if you want to get rid of a few excess pounds, you need not only to keep a strict diet, but to perform physical exercises. Today, we prepared a high-intensity workout for you. It is ideally combined with any diet. Before you start your training, it is desirable to do a warm-up and prepare your muscles. The reaction of the female body to a good strength training program often exceeds any expectations, as in just a few weeks, the body switches to the sport mode and fat starts to burn in problem areas, muscles start to tighten, and overall contours are improved. If you want to accelerate weight loss and change your body for the better, this workout is for you. It is very intensive, so get yourself ready to work hard. Do this workout for at least six weeks to get the desired results:

Tabata sets: Plank; Push-ups; Bodyweight Squats; Burpees; Crunches. perform each exercise 25 times and pass to the next exercise without any rest. After finishing the first circle, take a pause for about twenty seconds and repeat everything from the beginning. You should do eight circles.

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Squats and hills: find a hill with a decent incline and run about twenty meters. Then perform as many squats as you can in one minute. Take a pause for about twenty seconds and do eight circles.

Sled pulls and sprints: pull the sled for 40 feet and then complete 2 forty-foot wind sprints. Do ten circles of this workout.

The fight against excess weight should be carried out in a complex way - a combination of power and aerobic exercises, as well as a healthy diet. In general, try to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and walk more in the fresh air.

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#1. Plank

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#2. Push-ups

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#3. Bodyweight squats

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#4. Burpees

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#5. Crunches

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