We all would like to have a slim and toned body since it is healthy and looks attractive. That’s why many people make a decision to bring a lot of changes into their lifestyles in order to achieve desirable results. Very often people also have problem areas that they want to get rid of. Today, we are going to talk about belly pooch. It’s a very common problem that is rather hard to reduce. However, everything is not as complicated as it seems at the first sight.

There are some methods that can solve this problem in a short period of time. The first thing you should do is to change your eating habits. It’s important to stick to a healthy diet. You shouldn’t also eat the same food every day. In this way you’ll prevent your metabolism from reaching a comfort zone and keep it working the most effectively. Your body will start burning fat much better. Don’t forget to include protein to your diet. It will help you to burn calories, lose weight and gain muscle mass.

You should also drink lots of water. It will flush the toxins out of your body and boost your metabolism helping you lose your excess weight. Besides, it’s a good way to keep you skin and hair healthy. Exercises are extremely important when it comes to weight loss. They strengthen your muscles and help to burn calories. The most important thing here is to choose effective workouts.

That’s why today, we have prepared something special for you. Here is a list of simple exercises that will reduce your belly pooch and make your dream about perfect abs come true. So try our workout and you’ll never regret it!

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#1. Bicycle Crunches

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#2. Crunches Knees Up

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#3. Forearm Plank To Push Up

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#4. Jumping Jacks

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#5. Pilates Swimming Exercise

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#6. Plank VS Push Up with Fitness Ball

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