If you want to get rid of fat folds on the back, it is not enough to keep a healthy diet and do physical exercises. It is also very important to watch your posture. Fat on the back is often not as conspicuous as fat on the abdomen or thighs, so we do not notice it or pay attention to it. We fight with it only when the situation becomes catastrophic.

A sedentary lifestyle, love of fast food and harmful foods in general, constant stress - all lead to obesity. You can gain weight in a month, but to tell the truth, it can take more than a year to get rid of it. It is especially difficult to get rid of back fat. After all, in fact, there are very few exercises aimed at combating folds on this part of the body.

A woman will need to learn to control herself and her desires. From the moment she decides to lose weight, she should forget about many pleasures once and for all. The very first thing is making changes in her diet. Then, she has to perform special exercises. Look through these three essential tips that can help eliminate back fat:

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  • Switch up that workout. Specialists recommend doing cardio exercises about five times a week to burn excess fat. However, cardio exercises cannot sculpt your body. So, you need to add weight-training sessions to your program.
  • Take advantage of Planks. This is the best exercise for getting rid of back fat. It will improve your posture and strengthen your muscles. You should start with thirty seconds and increase the time gradually.
  • Do not miss out on Push ups. This exercise is not only for the chest, but also for the back. It can help you deal with back fat very well. Do as many repetitions as you can, but increase the number after a while.

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#1. Burpees

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Credit: BetterMe

#2. Plank

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#3. Push up

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