This test was developed in the late 1990's by Eric Jansen and John Bancroft from the Kinsey Institute, the main world organization that studies sexuality. By completing the questionnaire below to determine the type of sexual temperament, you will appreciate how sensitive your excitation and suppression systems are.

Of course, this is not a rigorous scientific study. The questionnaire will only help you understand how your internal mechanism of responding to sexual stimuli works, and that is all. Do not forget, however, that each of us has two braking mechanisms.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

Some people’s excitation is suppressed due to internal fears, while others are more influenced by external factors. Both can adversely affect your ability to be excited. So, for each statement, select the answer option below, which describes you most accurately, and calculate the total score:

  • not similar to me at all (0 points);
  • not very similar to me (1 point);
  • a little similar to me (2 points);
  • quite similar to me (3 points);
  • describes me quite well (4 points).

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Credit: Freepik

Assertions about suppressive factors (SIS):

#1. Until everything is perfect, it is hard for me to feel sexual arousal.

#2. When I am sexually aroused, any little thing can destroy this excitement.

#3. It is extremely important for me to trust my partner in order to really get sexually excited.

#4. If I start to worry too much that I can not get up quickly or reach orgasm, it prevents me from feeling excited.

#5. Sometimes I am so shy or think too much and analyze during sex that I can not really get excited.

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Credit: Freepik

Assertions about exciting factors (SES):

#1. Often, I can get excited even from fragrance that comes from a person.

#2. When I see how my partner does something, where his talent or mind manifests, or just watching him talking to someone, I feel sexual arousal.

#3. The opportunity to have sex in an unusual place makes me very excited.

#4. Thinking about someone whom I find sexually attractive, or just fantasizing about sex, I am easily aroused.

#5. Changes in the hormonal background (for example, during the menstrual cycle) definitely increase my sexual excitability.

#6. I am very excited when I feel that someone is experiencing sexual desire.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

Low SIS score (0-6)

You are not particularly sensitive to suppressing sexual desire stimuli. As a rule, you do not think about your sexual behavior, and questions related to how your body looks do not greatly affect your sexuality. When someone is sexually attracting you, it is difficult to distract you.

Average score SIS (7-13)

You were right in the center; more than half of the women are in this category. This means that you act according to the situation. In conditions perceived as new or risky your fears about your own sexual possibilities grow.

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Credit: Freepik

High score SIS (14-20)

You have a high sensitivity to factors that inhibit sexual activity. You need a high level of trust, an opportunity to relax - only then you are able to really get excited.

Low SES score (0-7)

You are not very sensitive to positive sexual pathogens, you need to make a conscious effort to tune in to the right wave.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

Average score SES (8-15)

You are right at the center of the scale, so your sensitivity to sexual stimuli depends on the context. In a situation where romantic or erotic elements are strong, it is not difficult for you to quickly adjust to sex.

High score SES (16-24)

You are sensitive to sexual stimulation. Perhaps, you are excited by even those things that most people do not react to, like smell or taste.

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